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Sports Facilities
  1. The Open Auditorium

  2. The open auditorium in the basement is a convenient venue for many functions and activities of the school. The school assembly is held regularly in this open area. This area is also used for the Physical Education classes.
  3. Pre –primary play area
  4. The tiny tots have a safe, enclosed play area near KG section. They are provided with various toys and games here.
  5. Art Room

  6. Drawing and art classes are conducted in the art room .
  7. Counsellor’s Room

  8. Student counseling is an integral part of life at UIS. The counselor provides guidance to students in personal and academic areas and helps them to cope with the pressures of life .Along with their parents and teachers the counselor also monitors the overall psychological growth of the students. Based on the aptitude and interests of the students ,career guidance is also given. Students with special needs and learning disabilities are are given special attention and training to integrate them into the mainstream . Parents are also guided in identifying their child’s strengths and weaknesses so that they can deal with them effectively.
  9. Music Room
  10. UIS provides excellent training in vocal and instrumental music and our music room houses a wide array of musical instruments Be it percussion,brass or string we have them all. The school band and choir are our pride and all the trophies we have earned down the years proclaim the importance we give to music.
  11. Prayer Room(Mosque)

  12. The prayer room located on the ground floor is often used by staff and students.
  13. Islamic Culture Room
  14. For Islamic Studies we have a special Islamic Culture room.
  15. French Room
  16. The French Room is used for French literary studies.
  17. Clinic
  18. With such a large strength of students , minor mishaps and injuries occur occasionally at play time and break times and timely help and first aid are given by a trained nurse at the school clinic.
  19. Examination Room

  20. All examination related work is meticulously done in the examination room.
  21. School Stores

  22. The school bookstore and Uniform store are conveniently located on the ground floor.