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Mission And Vision
We at UIS seek to impart knowledge with the full conviction that true knowledge is divine and that only such knowledge will lead to the holistic development of a child. UIS aspires to help in the process of building the character of her students by giving them strong moral values. An edifice on a strong foundation stands tall and strong when every thing around it crumbles and decays. Therefore we strive to lay strong foundations in the lives of our students who will in turn enrich their communities and society at large. 

School Motto

The school Motto is ‘Knowledge is Divine’ We believe that however much knowledge we acquire, human knowledge is always incomplete and imperfect. Only God is omniscient. We do believe that knowledge without application is of no use. We also believe that one must not be proud of one’s knowledge but the more knowledge we gain the more humble we should become. 

“The expert knows more and more about less and less until he knows everything about nothing” – Mahatma Gandhi

“Knowledge is not enough we must apply…” - Wolfgang Von Goethe 

“A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, so is a lot.” –Albert Einstein

School Song

UIS proud we are to bear your name
To bring you honour glory and fame
Through intellectual excellence and character trained
Your flag of truth and justice we bear
In the meadows of our school we shower love and affection
Buds to bloom into flowers of perfection
Through gentle breeze of hard work to reach the heights of heights
In the valley of our school echo sounds of victory
Dignity and honour are the shields we hold
United as a family achieving our finest goals