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House System

House Wise Points

To foster team spirit and corporate life a house system operates at UIS. The houses are named after the primary colours of the spectrum. Each child from Std V to 12 is assigned a house . Healthy competition is promoted and children add points to their houses through these inter house competitions. House captains and vice captains guided by house teachers co ordinate the affairs of each house.
Blue Peace
Green Hope
Yellow Charity
Red Joy


The Student Council and Prefectorial Body

Students elect their leaders from a list of candidates nominated by the teachers. School Captain(Std 12), Head boy and Head girl (Std 10), House Captains(Std 11) and Vice Captains(Std 9) are all elected through secret ballot. A day prior to the elections campaign speeches are made by the candidates.

A prefectorial body consisting of 90 prefects are also sworn in along with the student council at a solemn Investiture Ceremony. Badges of office are presented to the office bearers at this ceremony.

The student council along with the prefects help maintain discipline among the students.

Students are given identification cards , with the school emblem on them, which they are expected to wear at all times on a lanyard in their house colours