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We follow the curriculum prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education , New Delhi, India.

Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation system.(CCE)
  • As per the newly introduced system of CCE there has been a shift in the evaluation process. Some important features of the new system are as follows:
  • Students’ achievements and skills in different areas of development ( cognitive, physical, emotional, social, aesthetic )are observed and recorded on a continuous basis .
  • This is done through observing and evaluating activities and projects, class room participation, home work , class work, group and individual tasks, games etc. apart from the formal and written Formative and Summative Assessments. For this purpose we have incorporated in our regular time table, activities such as Work Experience, First Aid, Indigenous games, Art, Yoga , Music etc.
  • This is a departure from the old ‘Pass-Fail’ system and provides an opportunity for students to improve their performances .
  • It has opened an avenue for the personal and social skills, interests and attitudes of the students to be appreciated
  • It helps diagnosis of difficulties of the learner and timely remediation.
  • It gives a holistic picture of the learner